Houston Child Custody Lawyer – Protecting Your Rights and Your Child’s Best Interests

Understanding Child Custody Laws in Texas

Navigating child custody laws in Texas can be complex, especially during the emotional time of a divorce or separation. As a skilled Houston child custody lawyer, Kristin Kline is dedicated to guiding you through this process, ensuring that the child’s welfare and your parental rights are at the forefront of every decision.

Joint Custody and Conservatorship Solutions

The state of Texas encourages parents to collaborate on custody arrangements that serve the “best interests” of the child. Kristin brings her experience to help you and your co-parent work out joint custody terms, known as conservatorship, fostering a cooperative approach for your child’s upbringing.

Tailoring Visitation to Fit Your Family

Every family’s needs are unique, and Texas’s flexible visitation laws reflect this. Kristin Kline works with you to develop a visitation schedule that respects your family’s individuality, always keeping the child’s best interests as the priority.

Advocacy for Enforcing Visitation and Child Support

Child custody and child visitation laws in Texas have become flexible, to accommodate different types of family structures and the different desires of the parents and the children. The focus of the courts and the child custody laws is “the best interests of the child.” As long as the parents’ child custody and visitation agreement is in the best interests of the child, the courts will usually not interfere in the custody and visitation agreement of the parents. It helps, however, to have the assistance of an experienced family law lawyer when devising non-standard agreements to avoid common pitfalls and arrangements the court would typically not approve.

Experienced Legal Guidance for Non-Standard Agreements

For parents seeking non-standard custody or visitation arrangements, Kristin’s experience is invaluable. She helps you navigate potential pitfalls and create agreements that the court will approve, always aimed at providing the best possible outcome for the child.

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