Child Support

One of the most traumatic things in a person’s life is a separation or divorce. A couple goes from sharing their house, their incomes, and their utility bills to having everything split into separate households and separate lives. While it is disruptive for the spouses involved, it is even more disruptive for children that are caught in the middle of a marriage winding down.

A child faces the uncertainty of where they will live, who will primarily be responsible for them and most importantly, how they will maintain a close relationship with two people who have chosen to no longer be a part of each other’s lives. In order to protect children during this disruptive time, the state has outlined guidelines for parents to follow, ensuring that children will receive financial support to fulfill their basic needs. This is called child support.

Most divorcing couples agree that the best interests of their children are paramount. Kristin Kline is a family law attorney that will work hard to secure the continuing financial support necessary for the well-being of children in divorce situations.

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