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Child Custody

Child custody is a legal arrangement between a parent and child, involving the child’s welfare and primary care, in light of a separation or divorce. Child custody often involves the child being with one parent more than the other, and can be one of the most emotional and delicate issues in a separation or divorce. Even if parents have joint custody of a child, sharing responsibilities and duties, the child will often live with one parent and visit with another or live with each parent on an alternate basis.

In the state of Texas, the laws are structured so that parents are encouraged to work out custody arrangements on their own. The courts in Texas favor joint legal custody, often called ”conservatorship,” in which both parents are encouraged to make decisions based on the ”best interests” of the child, unless otherwise proven.

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Child custody and child visitation laws in Texas have become flexible, to accommodate different types of family structures and the different desires of the parents and the children. The focus of the courts and the child custody laws is “the best interests of the child.” As long as the parents’ child custody and visitation agreement is in the best interests of the child, the courts will usually not interfere in the custody and visitation agreement of the parents. It helps, however, to have the assistance of an experienced family law lawyer when devising non-standard agreements to avoid common pitfalls and arrangements the court would typically not approve.

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